In Tóng Lè's main dining area, echoes of elegance surround the restaurant. As the only revolving restaurant in Singapore, diners can enjoy a panoramic tour of the Marina Bay area and a stunning waterfront view.
Along with the view, savour the unparalleled cuisine that is distinctively Tóng Lè. A Chinese restaurant at heart, Tóng Lè presents age-old classics, re-interpreted for the contemporary palate. With meticulously sourced ingredients and exceptional culinary technique, this is a truly unique fine dining experience.
The restaurant offers a selection of eight exclusive dining rooms as well as four cosy dining areas. Chic, dark wood furniture in the restaurant exude sophistication and elegance, enhancing the atmosphere with yet another level of class.
Sushi Mieda Singapore by one-Michelin star Chef Mieda, offers excellent-quality sushi and seasonally-inspired Kaiseki creations.
Sushi Mieda Singapore, showcasing excellent-quality sushi and seasonally-inspired Kaiseki creations, was specially conceptualized by one-Michelin star Kaiseki Master and Chef Nobumasa Mieda, and elevates Japanese fine dining to a whole new level.
Hailing from Hokkaido, Japan, Chef Mieda’s philosophy is to bring ‘exquisite pleasures and surprises’ through every meal. His keen eye for details and immense talent in amalgamation of traditional and innovation result in exceptional Japanese dishes that are wonderfully artistic that promise subliminal virtuosos on the palate.